Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moving - Home Sweet Home

Well, this is it, finally. Pictures of my place. I’ve been meaning to get these pictures posted for a while now, but life has just been too busy.

Here we go. First off, a couple shots of Frenchtown. This is my street. Hover over the pictures to read an explanation of what you are looking at:

Just down the street from my place

A close up on some of the shops on my block.

Now for a look at the outside of my building:

This is the front of my building.  I live on the top floor.

This is the side entrance to the apartment building.

The bricked sidewalks outside my apartment.

This is the Mexican Restaurant in the basement of my apartment building.

Now, inside my apartment. These photos were shot at night, and some are a little out of focus, but they give you the general idea. Have a look:

It is a small kitchen but I love it.  Very open and amazing woodwork.  Pretty fun, but since there are no doors on the shelves, you have to keep it pretty clean all of the time.

The dinning area is across from the kitchen.  Notice that the ceiling is nowhere in sight and nice wood floors.

The living room.  Behind the couch is the stairs that lead to the loft.

At the end of my couch and around the quick corner is my little writers nook.  I can look out the window at the Delaware River and the Bridge Street Bridge (if you look closely, you can see the bridge.)

The bathroom has nice woodwork and shower.

The bathroom walls have a fake crackle finish.

Heading the other way around the couch, you enter the stair area where my bike is currently hanging.

Behind the couch, on the stairs is my little guitar area.

This is the space on the way up the stairs.  You can turn toward the bedroom or toward the upstairs office area.

The upstairs office, which includes my computer and a metric hord of books.

The Bedroom

And finally, a view of the dinning area and bookshelf off of the living room area from my bedroom loft.